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Month: January 2018

It’s Tree Trimming Time!

It’s Tree Trimming Time!

“Trimming a tree can have a great significance in the way the tree grows, so it is important that a professional does the job.”

Trees are a big part of almost any landscape, but installing them and keeping them trimmed can be a lot of work. Our tree and arbor care services can be used to keep your yard looking neat and beautiful.

We will trim your trees to keep them shaped and growing healthily. Trimming a tree can have a great significance in the way the tree grows, so it is important that a professional does the job.
We inspect your tress your trees, paying attention to how the branches are growing,
and then remove any branches that could grow to be harmful to your home.

Getting your trees trimmed not only helps them to look great but is also important in order to keep them healthy. In addition, it can aid in the prevention of them falling in bad weather. Another benefit of getting your trees trimmed regularly is that it makes your yard beautiful and can add value to it.

While we can trim the trees that are already in your yard, we also provide tree and plant installation to add new greenery to your yard. Adding additional trees and plants to your landscape can make it look extra luscious and green. We can talk with you and help decide which type of trees will benefit your yard the most. The planting of trees can be very difficult and requires the work of a professional as each type of tree is unique and many different types of trees have to be planted differently. We will make sure that any new trees planted in your yard are installed safely and correctly.

In addition to trees, adding other plants to your landscape can increase its beauty and help transform it into the yard of your dreams. We can help you decide which types of plants would best enhance your landscape, and then we will install them professionally in your yard.

From trimming old trees to installing new trees and plants, our tree and arbor care services can help you have a landscape that is perfect for your home. We’re here to help – call us today! 407-948-5730

Weed Control for Your Ornamental Plant Beds

Weed Control for Your Ornamental Plant Beds

Weed control is an important aspect of our comprehensive landscape management services. As a partner with TruGreen Commercial, we provide fertilizer and weed and pest control backed by TruGreen’s Healthy Lawn Guarantee.®  Our state of the art equipment combined with products that are environmentally responsible provides you with peace of mind and a beautifully landscaped yard.

“Weeds hamper the growth and vigor of your plants”

Weeds aren’t just unsightly. Weeds hamper the growth and vigor of your plants by robbing them of vital nutrients and moisture, crowding them out of valuable root space and preventing proper soil aeration. They can also harbor pests, disease and other plant health risks.

That’s why we offer a year-round weed control program that:

  • Targets seasonal and area-specific weed species
  • Prevents weed emergence in new beds
  • Eliminates existing weeds and stops weed spread
  • Inhibits weed growth outside beds, such as sodded areas and pavement crevices
  • Achieves visible results without harming flowers, shrubs, trees and other landscaping plants

  Our program keeps your landscaping looking beautiful year-round even through the heat of the Central Florida Summers. You can sit back and relax as we develop a program that keeps your entire landscape vibrant.

We will be happy to answer any of your questions as well as schedule a complimentary landscape analysis.
You can reach us at 407-948-5730 or contact us here.