Custom Pergolas & Outdoor Areas

A custom pergola can transform an ordinary yard into an extraordinary outdoor area. Outdoor areas are great for sharing conversations and meals with friends, or simply enjoying by yourself. Pergolas are a stylish and functional addition to any outdoor area. When paired with one of our paver patios and some seating, a pergola can be the finishing touch for the outdoor area of your dreams. We will talk with you and then come up with a beautiful pergola design that coordinates and blends with your yard. A pergola can transform any bland backyard into a relaxing getaway, showering it with elegance and character. Besides being pleasing to the eye, a pergola also provides shade from the sun. In addition, it is great for entertaining and spending time with friends and family outdoors, making it a fantastic investment. 

Adding a pergola to your yard is an easy way to continue your living area to the outdoors. It will allow people to flow from inside to outside your house with little worry of the harsh sun, which is why it is so wonderful for entertaining. We can design your pergola to be large or small, depending on your needs for its function. Whether you want it to be large enough to contain seats and a table, or smaller to be a simple accent to your yard, we will construct a pergola that meets your needs. It will add value to your outdoor area and make it aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, our quality materials will ensure that you can enjoy your pergola for years to come. Our pergolas are very sturdy and are made from weather-resistant materials that will last far into the future with no worries of cracks, rust, or peeling. Our beautiful, efficient, and unique designs can provide you with a pergola that is in your budget and crafted especially for your home. From classic to modern, fancy to casual, we can construct a pergola that enhances and transforms your outdoor area. The installation is fairly quick and the results last for years to come. A pergola is a fantastic addition to any yard, and with a patio and a bit of seating it can transform your yard into a beautiful and relaxing outdoor area.

Call us today, 407-947-5730 or contact us here and we will be happy to answer your questions and discuss the addition of a pergola for your yard.