Pavers & Concrete

We at Maverick’s Landscaping & Lawn Service offer a variety of styles and colors of pavers to enhance many different outdoor areas of your home.  Both concrete and permeable pavers are great options and we will help guide you through the selection of the best product for your job.

Transform your driveway with pavers.

Your driveway is the first thing that someone notices about your home, and besides giving your home its overall look, a driveway also must be durable and able to withstand both weight and weather. Pavers are the perfect material for this. Many pavers are used to construct a driveway, with smaller spaces in between each piece, allowing water to drain and the pavers to contract and expand. They also make replacement easy, allowing any cracked pieces to be quickly removed and replaced.

Pavers are a great material for patios as well.

Like other areas made from pavers, patios made from concrete pavers are very durable and low maintenance. They are more durable than patios made from slabs of concrete. Patio pavers come in a variety of styles, and can even look like brick or stone. Interlocking patio pavers are flexible and easy to replace. Stone pavers can also be used to give your patio a completely different yet beautiful look. They are also water resistant and durable. Different textures and colors of pavers can be chosen from to give your patio a unique look. A patio can transform your backyard into a cozy and appealing space, perfect for dining or simply sitting on. Having a floor made from pavers is the most important step to make your patio a great place. Choosing a color that complements your house can make your patio very appealing. A patio made from pavers is practical, durable, and far from ordinary.

Pavers can also be used to construct pool decks.

While having a pool alone can make your backyard look great, having a nice pool deck can totally transform it. Pavers make a great material for this! Like any other area made from pavers, they are low maintenance and sections are easily replaceable.

A walkway made from pavers can be another great element of your yard.

A walkway can be used to connect different parts of your property, be a convenient place to gather, and simply connect different parts of your yard to give it a put together look. Like any other area made with pavers, your walkway will be more durable than ordinary concrete and can come in a variety of colors, textures, and styles, which you can choose to complement or contrast other paved areas. The walkways can be long or short, straight or curvy, and will become a wonderful element of your yard and home.

Besides the variety of options pavers offer and the elegant look they bestow upon your home, they are durable, cost-effective, low maintenance, and can easily be removed and replaced if the need arises. Contact us today and we will be happy to discuss all of the options available to you.